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Spa Treatments

Relax and enjoy some well-deserved me – time, with these beauty therapies you will leave feeling transformed.

Aromatherapy Associates Body Treatments

Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience Massage

This hero treatment starts with a consultation to find out what your emotional and physical needs are.  From that we carry out an aroma test to allow you to choose the oil most suitable for you. There are thirteen signature oils to choose from, formulated with natural plant and flower oils with wonderful exotic scents and powerful therapeutic benefits for body and mind.

With your chosen oil, your therapist, Kirsty will use carefully applied pressures to stimulate the nervous system, Swedish and neuromuscular techniques to relieve muscular tension, and lymphatic drainage to encourage healthy circulation. This treatment works from your head to your toes, it will dissolve stress and tension. This is an intense massage ritual drawn from a fusion of eastern and western techniques enabling Kirsty to work on your body, mind and spirit.

This treatment releases tension held in every part of your body leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and recharged.

During this tension easing massage  carefully applied pressures are used to the back, neck and shoulders helping to stimulate the nervous system while relieving muscular tension, aches and pains

Feel nurtured and supported in a time of constant change. Choose from a selection of three oils each safely formulated to be used during pregnancy to nourish and care for your expanding skin. Using the traditional aromatherapy pressure point massage for the upper back and paying particular attention to tight shoulders, this massage helps to relieve stress and tension. The legs are massaged to ease the heavy feeling that can come with pregnancy and a full scalp and facial massage, with treatment oil chosen specifically for your skin type, completes this top to toe treatment.

Available from 14 weeks.

This deeply restorative treatment is specifically designed for tight, stressed and aching muscles. Whether it’s a heavy exercise schedule or too many hours spent sitting at your desk, when you push yourself to your limit, your body can easily become stiff, tight and painful.


Swedish and cross muscle fibre massage techniques, with stretching and draining, are combined with essential oils known for their beneficial effects on the circulation. Black pepper, rosemary and ginger warm the muscles and help disperse the build up of lactic acid that causes stiffness and pain. Calming lavender soothes and is anti-inflammatory.

An intensive massage that works deep into stiff, tight aching muscles to instantly release pain and tension.

This invigorating treatment is specifically designed for those looking for an intensive body detox. The perfect therapy when you are dieting, feeling sluggish and lacking energy

The original Revive Morning blend of refreshing grapefruit, stimulating rosemary and diuretic juniper leave you feeling truly revitalised and your skin will appear bright, smooth and silky

The ultimate trilogy of body brushing, exfoliation and mud mask stimulate lymph, remove dead skins cells while re-mineralising the skin. This enables the application of the Revive Body Gel, Revive Body Oil and Revive Body Lotion to penetrate efficiently into the body, resulting in a deeply recharged mind and reenergised body.

Bring back your radiance with this comforting, restorative treatment. Precious essential oil of damask rose works on capillary circulation renewing the skin whilst the aroma has an expansive quality that soothes the emotions and nurtures the heart. The treatment begins with a gentle olive grain exfoliation. Nourishing oils are applied to cuticles and heels and then the body is layered in a hydrating and regenerating rose gel. A moisturising and softening mix of oil and cream with evening primrose oil and shea butter is smoothed on before being left to penetrate with the body’s own heat under a wrap. An Ayurvedic scalp massage with frankincense inhalation works simultaneously on the physical, mental and emotional aspects.

A relaxing all over exfoliation and layering of richly nourishing products to leave the skin looking radiant and feeling wonderfully smooth.

Exfoliation of the feet and lower leg followed by layering of rich body oil and cream will leave your skin feeling silky soft and deeply moisturised

Beauty Essentials

CND Shellac–hands

60 minutes Includes hand and lower arm massage

60 minutes Includes hand and lower arm massage

60 minutes – A colour of your choice from the CND Vinylux weekly polish range

Full Leg Wax

Half Leg Wax


Chest & Back



British Bikini Wax

Under-arm Wax

Eyebrow Shape/wax

Upper lip wax

Booking Information: To avoid disappointment we advise booking prior to your arrival.  To secure your booking we take a non refundable 50% deposit. The remaining 50% will be taken on day of arrival.  Cancellations not made within 24 hours of the day of booking will be automatically charged the remaining balance.

Contra-indications : There are some contra-indications to some treatments. Treatments are carried out subject to the completion of our consultation form. If you have any special requirements for example first fourteen weeks of pregnancy, heart conditions, diabetes, high/low blood pressure, epilepsy, arthritis/rheumatism, undergoing cancer treatment or any allergies etc. you should seek medical advice prior to your visit. You may require a doctor’s note.