Happy Inside. The story of Bryn Tanat Wellness so far

As we draw closer to the launch of our new wellness programmes at Bryn Tanat Hall in Llansantffraid, Powys, co-owner and the inspiration behind Bryn Tanat Wellness, Susan Martin, explains where the idea for the retreat came from.

“A protracted time in hospital during my teenage years gave me a future. This experience in later life has translated into a dislike for medication and visits to the GP.

I developed a sense of self-discipline and an awareness of my diet and how foods effect my body day to day.

The inspiration for wellness programmes at Bryn Tanat Hall reflects my experience and realisation that food is key to a happy and healthy life.

This is the main reason for nutrition forming the cornerstone of the Bryn Tanat Wellness programmes.

Our wellness programmes have been developed to address the three troublesome areas of stress, weight management and detox.

We have considered the barriers to success and the programmes are designed to translate into our everyday life.

Wellness at Bryn Tanat is led by a dedicated team of experts connecting their knowledge to empower our guests to make changes that will improve their health and last a lifetime.

With the focus on attaining and maintaining good health, our wellness programmes are unique to the UK.  They are about being fit, healthy and fully functioning every day.

I didn’t want it to be like health retreats as we know them. That’s why we’ve developed programmes rather than a retreat as such.”

– Susan Martin, Co-Owner, Bryn Tanat Wellness

We’ll be telling you much more about Bryn Tanat Wellness, the people behind it, the unique programmes we’ve developed and more over the coming weeks.

Our blog and social media activity on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will keep you updated on what we’re up to right up to our launch in late November.

In the meantime, you can email or call us for more details.

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