It’s all about you. Achieve long-term health with Functional Medicine

We all plan day to day. A facial once a month to care for our skin, a check-up with the dentist twice a year to protect our teeth; even the boiler gets an annual service to ensure it keeps running through the winter.  Yet our health is something we only consider when we are feeling ill rather than ensuring we are on a life-long path of wellness.

For example, if we are not sleeping well, our tummy seems upset, our nose is blocked and to top it off we feel miserable we are likely to head to our GP for a prescription to treat the symptoms.

Treating the symptoms is not the lasting solution, getting to the root cause of the illness is and Functional Medicine looks for the cause.

Functional Medicine is all about the person. In simplest terms, think of it as the ultimate in personalised health focussed education when a nutritional therapist will partner with the person to discover the cause of illness and disease. By looking into a person’s unique history, environment, lifestyle and underlying factors a health-enhancing food plan is developed to help restore good health and life-long wellness.

It’s about treating food as medicine. Recognising how foods affect the mind and body.  A pro-active not reactive approach.  A way to actively promote wellness rather than just waiting to treat illness. It is about paying special attention to diet, exercise, nutrition and the workings of the mind. It is about giving a person the tools to create sustainable wellness and vitality.

Wellness at Bryn Tanat is about helping a person create and sustain long-term health using the principles of Functional Medicine.