The Martin Family at Bryn Tanat Hall

Bryn Tanat Hall has been welcoming guests for over 60 years but the house dates back to the late 17th century. Over the years the house has been added to and changed until today you have the fascinating mix that is becoming one of the countries most iconic self catering properties.

When Peter and Susan decided to restore the house to welcome guests, they decided they wanted to create a house that would be more than just any self catering property – they wanted a luxurious retreat to equal any five star hotel experience.   Peter’s skills and Susan’s imagination have transformed the building whilst keeping each individual element of the house true to its origins. Susan has collaborated with some of the country’s most creative individuals during four decades of event and hotel management. Her love of style and incomparable experience has created an interior at Bryn Tanat Hall that is totally individual and embodies the luxury that you are searching for when you book a stay here.

Alongside the passion to ensure that each guest’s experience is the best possible, Peter and Susan are committed to make our accommodation and facilities at Bryn Tanat Hall as eco friendly and sustainable as possible. They say: “We take sustainability very seriously and the biomass boiler and solar panels ensure that we are not spoiling the planet whilst our guests are enjoying the wonderful experience of staying at The Hall.”

Bryn Tanat Hall is drawing in more of the family. Peter and Susan’s sons Jonathan and James and their wives Jo and Kirsty have become part of the business and during your stay you will no doubt get to know their grandchildren Olivia, Sophia, Edward, George and Anna.

Bryn Tanat Hall – a luxury self catering destination personally run by The Martin Family.