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A different green lodging in the heart of nature

When planning a holiday, it is natural to consider where you will be sleeping? With nature and under the stars.

Choosing our eco sustainable destination will not mean you sacrifice luxury.

The eco-pods sit spaciously in a natural rural area overlooking the wildlife pond surrounded by trees with an unlimited view of the constellation above.

With unsurpassed views of the Meifod Valley, the Breidden hills and Llanymynech hill there is every opportunity to connect with nature and the importance and value of a healthy eco system.

The eco-pods are constructed from sustainable ThermoWood, 100% safe, natural and environmentally friendly.

Home comforts provided by solar and ground source renewable energy. There is no need for bottled water our natural well provides it all.

The eco-pod is eye-catching, sleek and simply beautiful with clean lines and curved walls this creates the amazing sensation of space and airiness.

Each eco-pod will feature a planet from our solar system, unique and distinctive.

Eco friendly, stylish and luxurious with room to live.

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