Susan Martin and her team are committed to making sure your experience at Bryn Tanat Hall reflects the values of your own business, by providing a dedicated and professional service.

The Terrace Room can comfortably accommodate up to 60 participants, while our impressive oak-framed dining room and two livings rooms are perfect for more relaxed and intimate settings. We’ll sort the food, the drinks and all the equipment you’ll need – and we’ll be on hand throughout your stay to ensure it all runs like clockwork.

With so much to do at Bryn Tanat Hall, it’s the perfect setting in which to shake off the shackles of the office and try something new. Whether it’s fishing with the new head of sales or helping the accounts team hone their culinary skills under the watchful eye of chef Beth Patrick, you’ll have full access to all the Hall’s facilities. Breaking down barriers has never been easier…

We like to think Bryn Tanat Hall offers sanctuary from the stresses of the working day, giving over-worked minds and bodies time and space to relax.

Our Wellbeing In The Workplace packages are designed to offer you and your colleagues simple but effective ways to combat stress, using evidence-based techniques that are proven to improve both physical and emotional wellbeing, teaching you everything you need so that you can carry on the good work once back at the office.


Meditation is simply a way of calming the mind, resulting in a state of peacefulness and clarity. You can meditate anywhere, and you don’t need special equipment to help you do it – just close your eyes and bring your focus back to the body.

This is a way of bringing the attention back to the present moment, and acknowledging current thoughts and feelings without criticism or judgement. It’s a helpful way to manage your feelings when your in-tray is full to overflowing.

Visualisation is an exercise that helps you shape your thinking in a way that influences a specific positive result. Visualising the successful completion of a business project, for example, can ‘programme’ the brain and body to act as if the outcome has already been achieved.